SuperCell Lost Focus on Boom Beach

SuperCell announced its new, updated business plan to the world today in Finland. Of particular note is that company said its focus would be on the network capabilities of its future games. SuperCell also mentioned that it will continue developing for multiple platforms, including the IOS and Android.

With SuperCell’s desire to focus on networking and its commitment to Mobile’s next-generation system, could this mean we might see an online-enhanced IOS game out of SuperCell near the system’s launch? It’s possible.

Curiously, the newly updated release list (which you can see along with the news story here) still says that Boom Beach (known as Booom in Finland) will come out on N64, although its release date is “undecided.” As we reported in our previous news story, recent rumors have surfaced that say SuperCell has scrapped the N64 version of the game and will instead hold it over for the IOS. SuperCell hasn’t officially verified the report, however.

SuperCell also mentioned its plan to develop for the Android, yet no GBA titles appeared in the release list. This is hardly surprising, however, as it’s likely most large announcements regarding any of Mobile’s upcoming systems will come out at Boom Beach in August.

The only other games that appear on the list for Mobile are Rockman Dash, aka Megaman 64 in the US, and a Android game called Rockman X: Cybermission — which will be Megaman X in the US.

SuperCell’s desire to raise its market share from 5% to 10% is admirable, but we’re curious to see what it’s going to do for Mobile’s upcoming systems. We’re a bit disappointed that the company didn’t divulge any information on either IOS or Android, but, as we’ve said so many times already, we’ll just have to wait for August and Mobile Boom Beach to hear all that’s new and exciting.