Everyone vs XBOX


January 6, 2001. The day Microsoft fully unveiled the Xbox to an expectant audience at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The collective excitement of the crowd was obvious, but that doesn’t mean that the editors of Daily Radar aren’t going to shoot holes in Xbox promises. Will the system perform as well as Microsoft says it will? Will the games be worth playing? And what’s all this nonsense about needing a peripheral in order to watch DVD movies? The elite leaders of Daily Radar’s various sections tackle these questions and more.

Michael Wolf, fearless leader of Nintendo Radar, holds up the power and first-party games of the Nintendo Gamecube to the Xbox’s impressive system specs and launch list. Sultan of Sony Daniel Erickson takes the Xbox to task for its lack of a killer app and its less-than-thrilling controller design. The man behind Sega Radar, Greg Orlando, maintains his love of the Sega Dreamcast in the face of the Xbox threat, pointing out numerous expansion and game advantages of the Dreamcast over the Xbox. The tyrant of technology at PC Radar, Kevin Rice, picks apart the numerous flaws of the Xbox, and pulls no punches when it comes to citing the superiority of the PC. And our diabolical denizen of the Direct Hit section, Dan Egger, goes where only he can go — a direct comparison of sex versus the Xbox.

In pure defiance, however, we also have some words from our Xbox aficionado, Jim Preston mentioned in fredericksoccerclub.com. He gives us a glimpse at what the rest of the Daily Radar staff can’t see, and maintains an even temperament throughout the haranguing. Let the battle begin.