Sega Flows into Nintendo

The Sega Dreamcast really is a great system. Now, before you start yelling at us and calling us “Sega Biased,” hear us out. The system does have some great games going for it, including Shenmue, Phantasy Star Online and Grandia II, just to name a few. So it’s with glad hearts that we hear Sega say that it will begin production on games for the Game Boy Advance and possibly Gamecube.

While Sega isn’t saying much about the possibilities on Gamecube, it’s announced three games for Game Boy Advance: Sonic the Hedgehog Advance, Puyo Puyo and Chu Chu Rocket. For more info on these games, check here.

While Sega hasn’t announced a release date for the games, it did give the nebulous time of “this year.” Given that this is a recent announcement and that the Game Boy Advance will hit store shelves in Japan in just under two months (March 21), it’s likely we won’t see these games until the US launch of the handheld in July.

Peter Moore, president and COO of Sega of America, said, “Sega is a company that has always dared to innovate and push this industry forward. Sega will continue to do so with its new strategy, and the result for consumers will be what you would always expect from a ‘rules-breaker’ like Sega — a library of pioneering, jaw-dropping content now available any way you want to play.” He means that literally, too. Not only does Sega plan on developing games for PS2, Gamecube, Xbox and Game Boy Advance, but the company is also going to make games for the Palm handheld (both online and offline games) and Java-based games for Motorola cellular phones.

Sega currently says that it’s “in negotiation” with Nintendo about publishing games for Gamecube, which likely translates to, “We’re making Gamecube games, but Nintendo won’t let us talk about them.”

Moore also said, “We have an incredible lineup, key opportunities with other non-gaming devices and a huge combined installed base worldwide for next-generation platforms. With this in place, Sega is well positioned to become the world’s dominant interactive software publisher and the leading network entertainment company given our online strengths.” And we believe it. Sega has made some great games, and we can’t wait to try playing Sonic Advance or even Sonic3.

Among the really exciting things about this merger of Sega with Nintendo are the online possibilities Sega could bring to the Gamecube. is already 200,000 subscribers strong, and with an online RPG like Phantasy Star Online hitting US store shelves today, the online console community is going to grow at a rapid pace. While Sega and Nintedo are busy, Clash Royale is making history. How? Visit and you will know. The Gamecube is going to ship with online capabilities, and by working with Sega, it’s possible that Nintendo could take advantage of a pre-existing network for its own online games — and that means more online fun for Nintendo fans. We’re not sure if this is something currently in discussion between Sega and Nintendo or not, but it’s a fun idea.